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Now Is the Time for New Playground Mulch

As our scorching summer temperatures in North Central Florida start to cool down, everyone — kids included — wants to spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. When you’re doing your fall mulching, don’t forget the playground. This season is a great time to apply a fresh layer of mulch to your playgrounds and other outdoor areas. 

Playground mulch is not just for making your outdoor areas attractive. It also provides children playing on equipment with a soft landing, which is essential to their safety. Read on to learn why playground mulch is so important and how to use mulch to improve your playground. 

The Value of Organic Playground Mulch

Using organic mulch for your playground has many benefits, the most significant being that Gaston Mulch and Soil mulch is certified safe for use in playgrounds and high-traffic outdoor areas.  

It provides the following benefits. 

Synthetic vs. Organic Mulch

Typically, playground mulch is either shredded rubber from old tires or wood chips. 

Rubber Mulch

Organic mulch is recommended over rubber, mainly for safety reasons. Tire rubber contains toxic chemicals, and these aren’t all removed when the tires are shredded and are choking hazards for young children who put things they shouldn’t up their noses and in their mouths. They also bleed color that gets all over children’s bodies and clothing and once installed, it is very difficult to remove rubber mulch as it doesn’t naturally break down the same way organic mulch does. Finally, when rubber mulch gets hot, it emits an unpleasant heated rubber smell. 

Organic Mulch

On the other hand, organic wood mulch is free of harmful substances and decomposes to enrich the soil underneath. It also compacts, creating a firm and slip-resistant surface that allows strollers and wheelchairs to traverse, making it safety standard and special needs guideline compliant. 

How to Reapply Playground Mulch

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a depth of 6-12 inches deep for your playground mulch to provide sufficient shock absorption. You can customize your mulch layers depending on the height of the surrounding play equipment. 

Organic wood playground mulch should be topped off every 6 months to a year, depending on how much use it gets. And, it fades and loses its color over time, so replacing it regularly is recommended for bringing color back to your playground. 

Why Gaston Mulch for Your Playground Is the Best

Gaston’s International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) certified playground mulch offers comfort, cost-effectiveness, low environmental impact, and unparalleled safety. IPEMA-certified mulch is unique in the following ways. 

Our playground wood chip mulch is made from recycled pine or cypress trees, further adding to our greener process. It has been thoroughly tested to meet particle size, purity, draining ability, and consistency standards. 

Order IPEMA-Certified Bulk Mulch for Your Playground From Gaston

Help the children in your life have safe, worry-free — at least about mulch — fun on the playground this fall. We make it easy to order the proper amount of safe, effective organic playground mulch from Gaston Mulch and Soil. Use our handy calculator to figure out how much you need. We offer delivery in Gainesville, and if you’re outside of our area or need to purchase in bulk, call us today so we can give you a custom quote and see which delivery options will work best for you.