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Gaston Mulch & Soil + GardenSoxx

Gaston Mulch and Soil is proud to partner with GardenSoxx® to provide our customers with a simple, sustainable solution for their farm or garden. GardenSoxx® are individual, self-contained 2-foot-long planters that provide the right growing environment for most of your fruits and vegetables.

What is a GardenSoxx Garden?

GardenSoxx® gardens are typically the size of a 4’x8’ garden made up of GardenSoxx® and our drip irrigation kit.  GardenSoxx® are filled with Gaston’s premium organic compost which is not only weed-free and disease-free, but also high in the nutrients and microbiology your fruits, vegetables, flowers, or herbs need to thrive!  Put them on your patio, deck, driveway, a weed fabric, or anywhere else, combine with a water timer and your garden practically cares for itself.  See how easy it is to install a GardenSoxx® garden below.

Why Use GardenSoxx?

Filled with Gaston’s high-quality organic growing media, specially designed and manufactured to provide the ideal growing environment for your plants. This is done by providing the following:

  1. Proper nutrients
  2. Microbial activity
  3. Porosity
  4. Moisture control properties
  5. Aeration
  6. Proper root space
  7. A weed-free environment, and more.

GardenSoxx® is a simple and versatile above-ground gardening container that can be used virtually anywhere. Grow better vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers safely and abundantly on soil, a weed barrier, your deck, even on concrete or asphalt! 

GardenSoxx® is the perfect building block for urban farms, commercial agriculture operations, tunnels, greenhouses, backyards, schools, and community gardens.

Try GardenSoxx + Gaston Soil For Yourself

GardenSoxx® are simple to use, delivers higher yields, and keeps weeds out. Order yours today. Call or contact our team to learn more about or order GardenSoxx® + Gaston organic soil.

*We suggest combining it with a drip Irrigation system for even better results.


Contact Our Team Today


Contact Our Team Today


GardenSoxx Frequently Asked Questions

What are GardenSoxx® made of?

GardenSoxx® are made of 8″ diameter polypropylene mesh.

Are GardenSoxx® pre-filled?

Typically sold unfilled, Gaston Mulch and Soil’s partnership with GardenSoxx® allows them to be pre-filled with Gaston’s high-quality, organic soil.

How do you plant into GardenSoxx®?

Planting is easy with GardenSoxx®. Using a knife or scissors, simply cut a hole in the mesh large enough to plant a plug or seeds. We recommend a 2” hole or smaller. Follow the proper planting depths for the plant, cover the seed or plug with the compost inside the sock, and water as usual.

How many plants can a single GardenSoxx® hold?

The number of plants that can be placed in GardenSoxx® varies. Some plants, like zucchini, need a lot of space to grow, and other plants, like lettuce, can be planted more densely. We recommend following the spacing instructions from your seed or plant supplier.

How much water do GardenSoxx® require?

Because of its innovative mesh system, GardenSoxx® are nearly impossible to overwater because they allow excess water to drain. However, that means as the mesh breathes, it will dry out sooner than normal soil. We recommend a half-gallon of water per day for every 2′ of GardenSoxx®. We also suggest installing the Drip Irrigation Kit for the highest water efficiency. Drip irrigation kits are available for pickup at Gaston Mulch and Soil along with GardenSoxx®.

How long do GardenSoxx® last?

GardenSoxx® can last for at least two growing seasons without additional fertilizers or nutrients. After two seasons, the plants begin to deplete the nutrients in the GrowingMedia or compost. It is possible to plant beyond two years but the growing media may need to be changed or amended.

Where can GardenSoxx® be used?

GardenSoxx® are popular for growing vegetables, flowers, and native plants. Due to their unique design and portability, GardenSoxx can be used in a variety of applications, from large-scale agricultural farms and community gardens to small hobby gardens. GardenSoxx® are also great for starting a rain garden, and can be used on green roofs or even in ponds. GardenSoxx can easily fit in most standard planters, plant stands, and window boxes. In other words, GardenSoxx can grow almost anywhere!

How can I purchase GardenSoxx® in my area?

Gaston’s is currently selling pre-filled GardenSoxx® from it’s Gainesville, FL location. Contact our team to order yours today!

GardenSoxx is a Registered Trademark of Green Horizons Environmental, LLC.