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Mulch and Soil Solutions for Agriculture

Not all compost and organics are the same. Fresh or composted organics like manure, wood waste, and food waste when put in your field or garden can actually have negative effects as they break down, robbing nutrients like nitrogen from your plants, and causing the need to fertilize even more. Further, harmful bacteria or pathogens can be unknowingly added, rather than the beneficial microbiology, your soils need.

The Mulch and Soil Ecosystem

Gaston believes that your soil should be designed to function as a finely tuned ecosystem. The balance of soil texture, organic matter, microbiology, moisture, nutrients, aeration, etc. makes the difference between what you want (top-quality soil), and what you have (in most cases, dirt). Gaston’s produces our products to address numerous aspects of that ecosystem – from our mulches that conserve moisture and protect against erosion, to our compost that returns organics, nutrients, beneficial microbiology, and nutrients. The end result is better soil for your plants, farms, landscapes, and media mixes.

Organic Compost

Our compost is composed of green waste that has been thoroughly managed at the proper time and temperature to sterilize weed seeds, promote beneficial microbes, kill pathogens, and create a beautiful organic medium to rebuild your soil or serve as a base for your media mixes. All of our products are tested for compost quality standards to ensure you are receiving the best quality.

Gaston Premium Compost

An OMRI Listed organic product, our premium compost begins with green waste but has nutrient-rich poultry manure added before composting begins. While the same managed composting process mentioned above neutralizes pathogens and disease, the increased nitrogen and nutrient source brings this compost up to another level of quality and performance for your best gardens, soils, and media mixes.

Specialty Media mixes

We process and have access to a wide range of media to create mixes for your needs. For instance, we have clients who ask for our compost to be mixed with processed palm to lighten and open up the mix or with worm castings to provide an even higher nutrient “kick”. Even biochar and courser screening, for soil-enhancing mulch, can be specially made for your needs.

Turf Solutions

We provide organics ideally suited for the turf industry. Our organics are used both to top dress and add organics to established turf and can be applied before laying new turf to help roots establish, hold moisture, and provide vital nutrients which increase the establishment and quality of your turf.

Agricultural Solutions

Agriculture, especially in the state of Florida, is critical for our economy and communities. Gaston is actively involved with not only our growers, but also the groups, agencies, and institutions that support you. We collaborate with the University of Florida, UF IFAS, Florida Department of Ag and Consumer Services, organic grower associations, testing labs, and many more organizations to develop and provide solutions for agricultural applications that produce better crops with fewer inputs over time.

Agricultural Soil Organics

Our agricultural organics are designed and prescribed for your applications and needs. We pay special attention to the needs of the soil and plants; soil organic matter, nutrient availability, soil microbe populations, soil porosity, compaction, and much more. This is a hand-in-hand solution.

Organic Mulch

Organic mulch is a product designed to protect soils before, after, or during growing. This product is a mix of a long-lasting processed wood product and rich compost. The mulch resists erosion, retains moisture, protects soil organics and soil ecology, and reduces weed growth. The compost lends nutrients and more organics to the soil that either readies the soil for the next planting or further enhances your current planting.

Producing with You

Gaston partners with growers to utilize your organics along with ours to produce media with you and for you. We develop the right recipe and process and come alongside you and your team to manage those materials on your farm. The result is a custom, convenient, and low-cost solution to rebuild your soils, your productivity, and your bottom line. Interested in partnering with Gaston Mulch and Soil? Contact our team today!