As of 5/29 we will no longer be selling bagged mulch to the public.

We will only sell it as is full pallet orders. Interested customers will be responsible for pick-up and transportation.


Mulching in the Summer Is a Good Idea: Here’s Why

Mulching in the summer is a smart move for the health of your yard for many reasons, including that you are not alone in feeling our intense Florida heat — if not protected, your landscape’s soil will too. Controlling your soil’s temperature is just one of mulch’s many benefits and why it is so essential […]

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Citrus Greening: The Disease Killing Florida’s Favorite Trees

Beautiful trees are a much-beloved part of our Florida landscape. Unfortunately, there are many varieties of tree diseases that are a costly scourge on the state’s economics and farming industry. One of the most devastating is citrus greening, which made its way here after originating in Asia and has ravaged trees in Florida, Georgia, the […]

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Why You Want to Use Gaston Topsoil and Compost

Using quality compost and topsoil for your lawn projects can make all the difference when it comes to the health and vitality of your yard. Gaston Mulch and Soil is proud to provide the best compost and topsoil for much of the southeastern US. If you wonder why so many big box stores, hardware stores, […]

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Grow Into a Healthy Mulching Routine This Spring

Mulch is arguably the most versatile tool in your landscape care arsenal – it allows you to get a lot of bang for your buck to keep your lawn looking its best. As such, it is something you do not want to go without. Although it may be tempting to just start spreading mulch in […]

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