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How Our Mulch Outperforms Theirs: Don’t Buy From Big Box Stores

When you search “mulch for sale” in Gainesville and the surrounding communities, the chances are good that you will get plenty of results for big box stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, or even Walmart. While at first glance these may seem like perfectly reasonable places to purchase your mulch, there are many reasons why buying your mulch from Gaston Mulch and Soil is the better choice—whether you’re planting garden beds or doing a full landscaping project. Learn why Gaston’s mulch is the superior, long-term choice for landscaping and gardening needs.

The Advantages of Our Mulch

Mulch quality may not seem like much of a big deal, but it matters for its effectiveness. Buying lesser-quality mulch can easily lead to wasted effort and money, not to mention unnecessary frustration. There are even horror stories on the internet about mulch from big box stores containing weed seeds and causing foreign weed species to grow where the mulch is placed! 

On the other hand, buying the right mulch from a highly reputable place to begin with provides numerous benefits, including the following.

Naturally Sourced

When you buy your mulch from Gaston, you can be assured that it is naturally sourced and part of our commitment to greener services. Gaston’s Tree Service provides mulch from its tree services in Gainesville. At the same time, Gaston Tree Debris Recycling serves most of the state, bringing in a large majority of mulch from emergency response operations and turning it into the superior mulch you expect from Gaston.

Our mulch varieties are:


When mulch is bagged from the same trees, it gives your landscape a more uniform appearance. Big box store mulch can be from many different tree batches, leading to inconsistency. In addition, it may contain mold, construction debris, or hazardous chemicals.

Fresher Equals Better Soil Enrichment

Mulch from the big box stores can be months old by the time you purchase it. How long bagged mulch lasts depends on how carefully it’s bagged and processed. If it becomes wet, either due to holes in the bag or being left outside at a local landscaping store, it can begin to rot and even attract unwanted pests. 

Bulk mulch bought from Gaston is fresher and has been recently ground, cured, and dyed. Fresh quality mulch feeds your landscape’s soil, increasing nourishing fungi and bacteria. Fungi spores use carbon as energy and to grow. These microbes take nitrogen from the mulch and air and absorb it into the mulch’s cells, keeping the nitrogen close to the plant and tree roots to provide maximum benefit.


The Gaston family of companies has been around for over 40 years, and we are passionate about helping Gainesville yards look their best. When you go to a big box store, mulch is not the only thing employees work with, so their ability to give you expert guidance on which mulch for sale will be best for you is going to be limited. At Gaston, we know what types of mulch will work best for the needs of your unique landscape, and we are committed to your satisfaction. 

We have worked with a diverse range of clients to find the best mulch for their needs—including Disney! Brian Koehler of Southeast Spreading Services did the landscaping for Disney properties with Gaston’s mulch and described our high-quality mulch as “the finest gold mulch available.”

Trust Gaston Mulch for Your Needs Over the Big Box Stores 

Buying Lowes mulch or Home Depot mulch can turn into a bad decision, but buying your mulch from Gaston Mulch and Soil is a no-brainer. You are guaranteed quality, consistency, and experienced insight from our knowledgeable team that ensures you get the best mulch for your job. Our convenient calculator lets you see just how much mulch you need for your project, and we offer mulch varieties to suit any need. You can see how much shipping will be beforehand, and if you choose to pick up your mulch from our location, we gladly help you load it into your vehicle. We also offer easy delivery services that make it simple for you to get the mulch you need. Contact us today to purchase mulch for sale that lasts, makes your landscape prettier, and provides invaluable nutrition for your trees and plants.