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Rocks vs. Mulch: Which Is Better for Your Project?

When you’re choosing between landscaping materials for your garden beds, you often have two choices: rocks or mulch. Both have advantages and disadvantages and choosing the right one could depend on your particular situation.

Let’s look at the case for rocks versus mulch, defining the pros and cons so that you can make the best choice.

The Case for Rocks

Rocks are a very popular landscaping option, and they have several benefits:

  1. Rocks don’t decompose.
  2. They’re highly customizable.
  3. Rocks are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

The longevity of rocks is probably its most valued trait. While mulch will decompose over time, rocks can last a lifetime.


Rocks don’t decompose, but they can get dirty and start to bury themselves in your garden beds. As rain hits your landscaping beds, it can soften the soil underneath, and the weight of the rocks can cause them to sink into the earth.

Additionally, rocks are more expensive upfront. While they last longer than mulch, that longevity comes at a price.

The Case for Mulch

As a natural product, mulch adds nutrients to your garden beds and can help your plants thrive and grow. Additionally, mulch offers these benefits:

  1. Reduce soil moisture evaporation
  2. Suppress weeds and prevent weed germination
  3. Insulate soil from extreme temperature changes
  4. Reduce soil erosion and compaction


The one big con to mulch is that it breaks down over time and needs to be replaced. Additionally, dyed mulch fades over time and can lose some of its color and vibrancy. Expect to replenish your mulch every other year.

We Can Help with Your Mulch Needs

If you’ve decided to use mulch for your next landscaping project, we can help. We have mulch, chips, and pine bark nuggets available in bulk for any sized project. If you’re interested in a specific color, we offer a variety of dyed mulches. Give us a call or order online today.