As of 5/29 we will no longer be selling bagged mulch to the public.

We will only sell it as is full pallet orders. Interested customers will be responsible for pick-up and transportation.

Gaston Mulch and Soil Cypress Blend Mulch is a byproduct of local cypress lumber manufacturing. We only partner with sawmills that source their cypress in sustainable ways. One of the main benefits of our Cypress Blend Mulch is its longevity. Cypress is preferred by homeowners and landscapers as it doesn’t decompose as quickly as other mulches.
  • Reduce soil moisture evaporation
  • Suppress weeds and prevent weed germination
  • Insulate soil from extreme temperature changes
  • Reduce soil erosion and compaction
  • Gradually decompose adding valuable organic material to the soil
  • Make landscaping more attractive

How Much Mulch Do I Need?