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Small Pine Bark Nuggets are approximately 3” pieces of pine bark.   Pine bark nuggets are made from the recycled bark of the pine tree. Unlike most other “shredded” mulches, pine bark nuggets break down slowly and remain in the landscape for a long time (the larger, the longer). As such, they are a wonderful choice for high traffic areas or areas that are a challenge to maintain regularly.    Pine bark is not typically recommended for areas that flood easily or are exposed to high winds as pine bark nuggets can be light and spread throughout your yard or garden. For areas that are more protected, Gaston Pine Bark Nuggets can be a beautiful, long-lasting investment.   As with all our mulches, Gaston Small Pine Bark Nuggets:  
  • Reduce soil moisture evaporation
  • Help suppress weeds and prevent weed germination
  • Insulate the soil from extreme temperature changes
  • Prevent soil erosion and compaction
  • Gradually decompose adding valuable organic material to the soil
  • Make landscaping appear more attractive 

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