Due to increased demand. We are only providing mulch delivery services at this time.

We will not be offering pickups at our Gainesville location. Sorry for any inconvenience.

palm tree in mulch in front of spanish home

How Our Mulch Outperforms Theirs: Don’t Buy From Big Box Stores

When you search “mulch for sale” in Gainesville and the surrounding communities, the chances are good that you will get plenty of results for big box stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, or even Walmart. While at first glance these may seem like perfectly reasonable places to purchase your mulch, there are many reasons why […]

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home landscape with golden pine mulch

Fall Into Florida Landscaping this Season

As our hotter Florida summer temperatures finally begin to wane and bring cooler days, it is a perfect time to assess your landscaping needs and prepare for the spring season ahead. By planning and making a little extra effort during the fall months, you can ensure that your landscape looks beautiful for the rest of […]

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Healthy green plant growing in composted mulch

3 Reasons to Choose Composted Mulch

Gaston Mulch and Soil, a division of Gaston Tree Debris Recycling, has developed a new form of natural brown mulch. This mulch product has been composted and meets standards set by the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program, ensuring its high quality. Its ability to feed the soil with helpful nutrients and […]

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Well landscaped home o a bright, sunny day with trees, shrubs, and mluch. Red front door, blue sky, and green trees.

How to Mulch Around Your Trees

A common question we hear from homeowners is, “Should I put mulch around my trees?” The short answer is: yes – but within reason. Concerns centered around whether or not putting mulch around a tree will kill it ought not lead a homeowner to avoid proper maintenance via mulching, as mulch provides many benefits to […]

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