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How to Maintain Your Landscaping Through the Winter

Your lawn and landscaping can suffer as the temperature drops. Snow, ice, and frost can destroy your lawn and plants over the winter, and it can take a large part of the spring for them to heal, but there are preventative steps you can take in the fall to ensure that your landscaping stays relatively healthy throughout the winter.

Be Sure to Use Fertilizer

Fertilize your lawn and gardens to make sure that they remain fed, even when they may get covered by snow or not get as much sunlight on gray winter days.

Before you choose a fertilizer, be sure to do a soil test so that you understand what kind of nutrients your lawn and plants need. If you’re worried about chemical fertilizers, composting can be a great way to produce a natural fertilizer that will keep your lawn healthy without adding any unnatural chemicals.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Be sure to rake away leaves and other detritus that falls on your lawn. Leaves will trap moisture against your plants and grass, leading to dead spots on your lawn from frost and lack of sunlight. Additionally, make sure that your lawn is aerated and that you keep your grass neat and trimmed with your mower. You’ll introduce more air to your grass, and keep potential disease away by maintaining your lawn and keeping it clean.

It is also important to water your plants and lawn, even as the temperatures drop. The winter season can tend to be drier and your plants will need extra moisture, especially if you haven’t had snow or rain recently.

Use Mulch to Keep Your Plants Insulated

Mulch is a great way to protect the root systems of your landscaping from the cold. Mulch is a natural insulator that keeps warm air at the base of your plants and protects them from harsher winter temperatures. In order to maximize the effectiveness of mulch in your winter gardens, take the following steps:

Just because the weather starts to turn cold, does not mean that your landscaping has to completely die. With a little bit of care and attention, you can protect your plants and grass and keep it healthy through the winter and into the spring.