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What Are Topsoil & Compost?

Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 2 to 8 inches. Topsoil has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the earth’s biological soil activity occurs. 

Because topsoil tends to contain a high amount of nutrients, plants generally concentrate their roots in and obtain most of their energy from this layer of soil. 

Compost is the product that results from naturally decomposing organic matter. 

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How Does Gaston Mulch & Soil Create Topsoil?

As a result of the collection, grinding, and recycling of tree and land clearing debris, Gaston Mulch & Soil produces its topsoil product as filtered organic material, in the form of mulch and wood chips, is screened and then composted. 

The result is a bulk garden soil-like product that is high in biological activity. Perfect for setting up a new garden bed, starting a nursery, tilling into your soil, or adding beauty to your landscape.

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As a note: Due to the weight of topsoil, online orders must be less than or equal to 8 yards. For orders larger than 8 yards, please call.

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