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What Kind of Mulch is Best for Fruit Trees?

Perhaps the best way to ensure the success of a fruit tree is to mimic its natural environment. In nature, leaves and branches fall to the forest floor creating an organic mulch that provides numerous benefits to the growing tree. This mulch will protect the soil beneath the tree from drying out in the hot […]

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Summer Landscaping in North Central Florida: Mulch Matters

Even when not hitting record temperatures the hot summer sun in North Florida can be really tough on the plants in your landscape. That, paired with the heavy rain, can easily make summer in the southeast the hardest season for your plants. All hope is not lost, though, as there is a simple solution that keeps […]

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How to Mulch Around Your Trees

A common question we often hear from homeowners is, “should I be putting mulch around my trees?” The short answer is: yes… but within reason. Aside from being beautiful to look at, mulch provides a lot of benefits to your trees (especially when they’re young). Benefits like: providing a weed barrier, insulating the root zone, […]

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