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Why You Should Use Natural Mulch in Your Landscape

It is no secret that mulch is perhaps the single most important thing you can do for your landscape. It not only adds rich color and gives your yard a manicured, professional look, but it also provides multiple benefits for your trees and plants. 

When deciding what type of mulch to use, you may wonder if organic or natural mulch is best. At Gaston Mulch and Soil, we have decades of experience keeping north-central Florida landscapes looking and growing their best. Read on to learn our insight about natural mulch and what it can do for you. 

The Benefits of Natural Mulch

Inorganic mulch is human-made and composed of materials like plastic, rocks, stones, or landscaping fabrics. These mulches sometimes contain harsh chemicals that can actually harm the underlying soil. On the other hand, natural mulch is composed of organic matter such as shredded or chipped bark or wood chips — all things found in the environment. Natural mulch provides plenty of benefits. 

Natural mulch helps soil maintain its temperature and moisture levels, and as it breaks down, it releases helpful nutrients into the soil. These nutrients feed helpful earthworms and microorganisms. In addition to improving the soil structure, natural mulch helps maintain nutrient levels, which is especially important for Florida’s complex soil. Organic mulch also effectively prevents soil erosion and weed growth by blocking the sun weeds need to thrive. 

Types of Natural Mulch

Here are just a few of the natural mulch options we have available at Gaston Mulch and Soil


Cypress mulch is an affordable but aesthetically pleasing option made from shredded cypress trees and ground into chips. Our cypress mulch is golden in color and is easy to spread. 

Red Hardwood

Hardwood is the most common mulch type and can be used for many purposes. This showstopping variety of red hardwood mulch is created from ground up hardwood and safe red iron oxide dye that is safe for use around people and pets. 

Pine Bark

This mulch type is easy to use, attractive and lasts a long time in your landscape. However, pine bark mulch is prone to move during heavy rainfall or flooding, so it’s best not to apply it where it will be exposed to these conditions and risk running off. 

How to Apply Natural Mulch

The one caveat of using natural mulch is that it tends to need replenishing more frequently than inorganic mulch. Mulch levels should typically be kept at 2-4 inches deep — applying too deep a layer can cause the soil to remain too wet. It’s important not to put the mulch directly against tree bases or plant crowns in a volcano pattern, which can cause harmful rot. Instead, start around 1-2 inches away from these bases and be sure to cover a tree’s entire root system. If the mulch is in an area where it may runoff due to wind or rain, you can add extra mulch or stones to keep the mulch in place as much as possible. 

Natural Mulch Maintenance

You can maintain your natural mulch by verifying that the level remains at 2-4 inches. The first few months after application, the mulch will settle and decompose somewhat, so you may need to replenish after that period. The same is true if the mulch is continually driven or walked on. Maintenance also involves checking for weed growth or compaction and treating immediately. 

Gaston Is Your Source for Natural Mulch

We are passionate about helping Florida’s yards look their best — and have been since 1972. When you’re ready to experience the difference our natural mulch can make for your landscape, check out what we have to offer at Gaston Mulch and Soil. Our mulch comes from the trees Gaston’s Tree Service cuts down, contributing to a greener process and letting you know that your mulch is high-quality and safe to use at your home or business. Even better, we offer bulk mulch to make it even more cost-effective while maintaining mulch quality, decreasing environmental impact, and making application easier for you. 

Contact us to place your order or set up delivery. Or, stop in to see us, where we’ll help you load your mulch into your vehicle at no extra charge. Start enjoying the benefits of our premium natural mulch today.