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Why You Want to Use Gaston Topsoil and Compost

Using quality compost and topsoil for your lawn projects can make all the difference when it comes to the health and vitality of your yard. Gaston Mulch and Soil is proud to provide the best compost and topsoil for much of the southeastern US. If you wonder why so many big box stores, hardware stores, nurseries, and home and business owners trust us with their growing things, read on to learn more about the Gaston difference. 

Topsoil vs. Compost

You may be confused about the difference between topsoil and compost. Topsoil is the upper exterior soil later at the top 2-8 inches, where the most organic matter and microorganisms are concentrated. Topsoil is nutrient-rich, and plants spread their roots in this soil layer. Much of Florida’s native topsoil has been stripped due to modern agricultural and lawn care methods, leaving our soil much less fertile than it once was. Topsoil now has to be modified to achieve the fertility it needs to be effective, which is where compost comes in. Compost results from decomposing organic matter into simpler organic or inorganic matter that is then added to topsoil to provide nutrition, improve drainage, and help reduce compaction. 

Together, topsoil and compost comprise garden soil.  

Gaston Topsoil and Compost Benefits

Using only the best topsoil and compost ensures the correct nutrient balance,  consistency, and acidity for your soil. Florida’s median soil pH is 6.1, or slightly acidic. 

High Quality

Gaston Mulch and Soil topsoil is produced during tree and land clearing debris collection, grinding, and recycling. The filtered organic material leftover as mulch and wood chips is then screened and composted, leaving a soil-like, multi-use, nutrient, and biological activity-rich product. 

High-quality topsoil should feel gritty and crumble when held, affirming its organic matter make-up.  

Cost Savings

Buying compost and topsoil directly from Gaston Mulch and Soil offers significant cost savings on the industry-standard $160-$220 per cubic yard price. We offer another way to save money by making it easy to know how much you need for your project, which you can determine using our helpful calculator. No amount is too big or too small, and we have you covered, whether you need 1 yard or 500. 

Compatibility with GardenSoxx

Gaston Mulch and Soil compost can also be used in GardenSoxx. GardenSoxx are 8” mesh tubes filled with compost or a high-quality, breathable, growing medium, making them better equipped to handle our Florida heat than any other system. GardenSoxx works particularly well for growing in containers. The soxx can be used anywhere and include drip irrigation systems to maintain proper moisture. You can fill the kit with your own material, with the ideal being our superior Gaston Mulch and Soil compost. If you use regular soil, you risk introducing weed seeds or diseases to your plants. 

Garden Soxx are versatile, user-friendly, and weed resistant while yielding more, better plants. Over 150 fruit and vegetable varieties have been grown successfully in Garden Soxx, including strawberries, tomatoes, and lettuce. 

Experience the Difference of Gaston Quality Topsoil and Compost

At Gaston Mulch and Soil, we create all of our premium landscaping products, including organic topsoil, compost, and mulch and chips, from the highest quality, recycled tree debris. If you are just starting to grow your garden, focus on refreshing your landscape, or are interested in learning how to integrate fresh topsoil into your home or business’s agricultural practices, contact our expert team at Gaston Mulch & Soil. We are ready to help you grow the most beautiful yard you have been dreaming of — starting today.