As of 5/29 we will no longer be selling bagged mulch to the public.

We will only sell it as is full pallet orders. Interested customers will be responsible for pick-up and transportation.

Gaston’s Hardwood Mulch is the product of recycled hardwood trees like oak, magnolia, and cherry, from the local area. Our hardwood mulch is often referred to as “simulated cypress” as it is very similar in texture and appearance to cypress mulch. Our hardwood mulch is made from double ground hardwood tree debris and is a welcome addition to most yards and gardens due to its mimicry of the native ecosystem. Additionally, in the Southeast’s typically acidic soil, hardwood mulch provides a nice alkaline balance to the soil as it breaks down. Gaston Hardwood Mulch, like all our mulches:
  • Reduces soil moisture evaporation
  • Helps suppress weeds and prevent weed germination
  • Insulates the soil from extreme temperature changes
  • Reduces soil erosion and compaction
  • Gradually decomposes adding valuable organic material to the soil
  • Makes landscaping appear more attractive

How Much Mulch Do I Need?