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Our Mulch Recommendations

At Gaston Mulch and Soil, we often get asked what type of mulch we’d recommend for a variety of different projects. The type of mulch and chips you use should depend on the project you’re working on, so we’ve compiled a guide with our top recommendations.

How To Choose the Right Mulch

All mulch and chip products have benefits for any garden. Gaston mulch and chips will:

Beyond those benefits, you have to consider the environment you’re adding mulch to. What kind of challenges is present in your area? Do you experience regular flooding? Is there a lot of traffic through the area you’re applying mulch? What kind of plants are you putting in? Will the mulch be added to a playground? Do you have a problem with bugs?

Each of these questions poses different challenges, and there is a Gaston product that works best in every case.

Areas That Flood

If your home sits in a heavy washout area, it’s important to pick a product that has more density. Products like pine bark nuggets and chips will float away if your area floods because there is more air between the pieces and they tend to be lighter.

Recommended Product: As an alternative consider choosing something denser like a shredded mulch, a dyed mulch, or hardwood variety. The pieces are heavier and tend not to float away in washout areas.

High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas like driveways and walking paths need a durable product that won’t break down quickly. Shredded mulch tends to break down fastest and will need to be replaced more often. Pick a product that will look good for much longer.

Recommended Product: Wood chip products are ideal for these projects because of their durability. Chips last the longest of any product at Gaston.

Fruit Plants

We often get asked what kind of mulch we’d recommend around blueberry plants. Blueberries and other fruit (and vegetables) should be surrounded by natural products. We don’t recommend putting any dyed product around fruit – the more natural the better!

Recommended Product: Our fine mulch products are a really natural product and are great around fruit and vegetables. They’ll help insulate your plants and suppress weeds in your garden.


Whether you’re putting a swing set in your backyard or installing a playground in a park, it is important to consider what kind of ground cover you’re putting down. Little kids love putting things in their mouths and it is important to pick a product that will keep them happy and healthy.

Recommended Product: Our IPEMA certified chips and mulch are specifically designed for playground areas. IPEMA certification means that our products are certified safe for any playground. Enjoy peace of mind about your child’s safety with our certified product.

Bug Problem

If you’re having trouble with bugs in your gardens and want to protect your plants with a natural barrier, mulch can help. The right mulch can also ward off termites and help protect the structural integrity of your home.

Recommended Product: Cypress mulch is a great option to ward off bugs. Cypress is naturally bug resistant by giving off an undetectable smell that is undesirable to pests.

Order Now For High-Quality Mulch

At Gaston Mulch and Soil, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality mulch and chips available. We offer our mulch products in bulk amounts and will ship to any location in the continental United States. Contact us with your order today, or order online if you live in the local Gainesville area. We look forward to working with you!